July 19, 2010

Sheryl's Mariner's Compass

This is the very first quilt I quilted for Sheryl.  It was made as a gift for her father.  Not only does he have a wonderful daughter, now he has a wonderful quilt to remind him!

This is a Mariner's Compass made with Quiltsmart printed interfacing.  It's 90" x 96".

The full quilt

Freehand feathers on the entire background

Close up

In case anyone is interested, this is how I usually begin to design custom quilting.  I take a photo of the quilt, and then turn it into a faded grayscale picture.  I print several copies and then I just play with different options for different sections. Sometimes the quiltmaker says "Do whatever you think will look best", like Sheryl did with the 30's quilt in my first post.  Sometimes, they prefer to make the decisions themselves, which is what Sheryl did for this one.  Okay, it was the first one I quilted for her, so she may have been just a teeeeeeeeeeensy bit nervous.  So I emailed her these sketches and she chose which quilting designs I would place in the various parts of the quilt.  I think we make an awesome team!


  1. Boy, did you do a masterful job on this one!! I agree that we make a great team and this quilt showed that. Your work stands on its own every time though, and you should be proud of it!!