December 11, 2016

Liz's Grandmother Flower Garden

Liz did a fantastic job hand appliqueing all these hexie flowers.  I drew out some options for her and then custom quilted her choices.

Baby quilt for Sara

When I upgraded to the Handi Quilter Fusion a few years back, they were including an AccuQuilt Studio cutter with the purchase.  Since then, I've been slowly cutting a quarter yard off all of my batiks, cutting it into three 2.5" strips, and bundling into rolls of 20 strips each.  I LOVE scrap quilts.  I know a precut package usually has 40 or so strips and this allows me to use two matching/contrasting bundles to make patterns calling for a jelly roll, no thinking involved. 
I love the "Walkin' on Broken Glass" pattern by The Teacher's Pet.  I started with the black/gold one below that I'm still sewing the binding on.  A post will follow when that is finished (I'm DREADFULLY slow at sewing binding on, even more so when the quilt is for me).  I loved it so much that I pulled an orange bundle and a red bundle of my precut stash strips and started another.  Only I decided while it was on the design wall that it was just too much orange and red for me.  So, I used half of it, combined with some ladybug themed fabrics from my stash, and made the quilt below for a co-worker's new baby girl, Sara.  And now I'll have another one ready to quilt for the next baby that needs a quilt.
Most of the quilt has the edge to edge design Ground Cover by Barbara Becker, but I quilted a row of ladybugs on the two yellow strips, a design that came preloaded into the Pro-Stitcher for my HQ.


Ricky's quilt

I gave this scrap quilt in yellow, orange, and red to my sister.  At the same time, I made one for her husband, Ricky.  His is the same pattern, only cool colors.  Dee Dee's was custom quilted--I quilted Ricky's with the edge to edge design Drip by Willow Leaf Studios. 
His backing is made from a strip of extra block centers and cornerstones left over from piecing the front, and strips of yardage in the same cool colors.
My mom passed away a couple years ago.  I can never repay Dee Dee and Ricky for taking care of her daily needs while I was too far away to be of any help, but these quilts were a small way of letting them know how much I appreciated it.

Ann's sister's quilt

I quilted this quilt for Ann 5 years ago.  Her sister loved it so much she asked her to have me quilt one exactly the same way for her.  So Ann made this version.

Liz's patriotic quilt

Liz made this quilt for her husband.  She asked for the center eagle to be outlined and the rest is the Simple Stars and Loops edge to edge design from Willow Leaf Studios.

September 19, 2016

Jennie's Civil War Tribute by Judie Rothermel

This is Jennie's Civil War Tribute quilted with the design Clematis by Willow Leaf Studio.

full quilt
close ups

August 24, 2016

Ursula's teacups

Ursula hand embroidered these cute teacups.

close ups