December 6, 2015

Ursula's Tradewinds

Ursula used the Tradewinds pattern by Cozy Quilt Designs to make this, but changed it up a little to make it her own.  It's quilted with the digitized design Feathered Curls.

Mary's "September Morn"

Mary sent me a picture of the pattern for this Thimbleberries quilt, because she wanted the quilting to be similar to the original.  I'm still not brave enough, most of the time, to quilt feathers so I found this digitized design. I chose a different design, also with hearts, for the setting triangles and log cabin blocks.  When I returned the quilt to her, she told me that the bed she will be using it on has hearts in the headboard! 


December 5, 2015

Carol's pineapple lone star

Carol made this pineapple lone star for her brother, Clay, to celebrate his wedding.  Isn't it beautiful?  All those pieces!  

At one point early in the quilting, I thought to myself, "Oh, no, she has a piece in upside down".  After a couple more instances, I realized she did it on purpose to get a lighter version.  After all, you pay for both sides of the fabric, right? 

Before I started, I asked her if she thought Clay would use it or hang it.  She said use it.  So instead of quilting the entire thing in gold thread, I used white for the light sections, and navy for the dark sections.  It has been a year since I quilted it.  Carol recently said he takes it everywhere and brags about it.  I told her I could have saved myself a lot of trouble connecting designs and changing threads if I'd known he was just going to "drag and brag" LOL!  I know she is thrilled that he loves her quilt and I'm thrilled she loves the quilting.

full quilt
1/4" lines in the outer triangles, dark fabrics stitched in the ditch, ribbon candy in the thin border
digital design
digital design--thread color to match background