July 23, 2010

Debbie's Hopscotch

I wish I had thought of posting on a blog when I first started my machine quilting business three years ago, but, alas, I did not.  I think it would be a shame, however, if you didn't get to see the sweetness of Sheryl's 30's quilt from my first post.  Or if you didn't get to see how Debbie put those vibrant hand dyes together to make that beautiful Barrister's Blocks quilt.  SO, as I quilt each new top, I will share past quilts from the same maker.
This is Debbie's most recent quilt.  The quilt pattern is Hopscotch by Atkinson Designs and the quilting is the pantograph Joust by Willow Leaf Studio.  I love the inner patchwork border.  When I piece my own quilts, I'm more likely to slap a plain border on, or leave it borderless, because I want it to be DONE, DONE, DONE.   But this scrappy border really adds to the quilt.

The full quilt

Close up

The back


  1. All the quilts are such fun to see again and to see your beautiful quilting on them. I am so glad you decided to create a blog about your business. :)Bea

  2. Thanks for the eye candy!


  3. Thanks, Bea. I'm glad, too. Not too many of my clients know about it yet, but I know it will be a huge advantage in the future.