July 29, 2010


This was Pam's FIRST QUILT!  Can you imagine?  I guess no one told her how hard it is to make points like that.  And then, just in case THAT wasn't hard enough, she set them on point.

The full quilt

Perfectly pieced block with mirror imaged swirls in the pink sections and stitching in the ditch for the rest of the block.

Free hand leaves in the setting triangles

Side view of the quilting--stippling in the pink and white solid areas.  I used pink, white, green and black threads, alternating to blend with the backgrounds.

Better view of the quilting from the back--and isn't that gorgeous fabric?


  1. What a gorgeous quilt. She did an amazing job for her first quilt. Wowser! :)Bea

  2. WOW!! Can't wait to see what she does in years to come!! Amazing!