April 5, 2011

Missing Quilt!

I know, it's been a long time since I've posted and I'll try to catch up soon.  Right now, I have something extremely important to say.

Remember the quilt my friend Janet had in the Houston show?  She won third place in the "Handmade" category!!  Kaaterskill was also accepted into Paducah!  Unfortunately, it was shipped via UPS on February 16th from Quilters Newsletter in Colorado to Janet, but has yet to reach its destination.  Here's the story: Quilt Stuck in UPS Limbo and the entry on the Lost Quilt site.  Please pray for the safe return of that beautiful quilt!


  1. That is terrible - I'd be so upset if that were my quilt "stuck in UPS limbo"!

    Deb, I miss your postings too.

  2. Oh Deb...I had so hoped that by now it was located. Saying prayers for finding it!

  3. Oh, I think she passed "upset" about 6 weeks ago!
    And I'll be posting again soon. Maybe after the quilt show? Busy, busy, busy!