September 19, 2010

I actually know someone with a prize winning quilt at Houston!!

Sigh.  No, it's not me LOL!  It's my dear friend, Janet Atkins.  She's an EXTREMELY talented hand quilter.  She's on the finalist list  for the International Quilt Association's 2010 "Quilts: A World of Beauty" , with other famous top notch quilters, she just doesn't know exactly WHAT she won yet.  Her quilts have won many ribbons at many shows. 


Close up of the quilting on the back--look at those teeny tiny stitches!

And just to prove I really DO know her, this is the beginning of that quilt, which I believe was started at a retreat in Wiawaka in 2005.

February 2006--some of the fabrics in the quilt were from fat quarters given to her by our online group for her birthday -- isn't that cool??  (Well, WE sure think it is!)

December 2007


Our online group has been together about a dozen years now, and this is not the first prize winning Atkins quilt we've followed from begining to end.  And I know it won't be the last. 
Congratulations, Janet!!

Mary's first quilt!

Mary took a beginner class at Pieceful Quilting and now she has this beautiful quilt.  She must be hooked, because she hasn't seen the quilting on this one yet and she asked me to add her name to the list for another one!  This one is quilted with the pantograph Hyacinth Grande by Patricia Ritter.

The full quilt

Close up

Close up of back

September 18, 2010

Jane-Marie's "Granny's Choice"

This quilt belongs to Jane-Marie. I quilted it with the pantograph Splash by Willow Leaf Studio.  It's one I've had for a while but, at 15", it was too large to use on my HQ16.  But now that I have the HQ24 Fusion, it was a snap.

I ironed this top, loaded it on the frame, and quilted it. Yet I didn't notice that striking diagonal design until I took a picture at Pieceful Quilting when I dropped it off! 

That happens to me sometimes at quilt shows, too.  I take pictures of every quilt and then some detail shots.  Then I go back through the show to really examine the quilts and take more photos if something catches my eye.  Yet still, when I upload to my computer later, I'll see something that I didn't when I was at the show.  Sometimes it's a large design element that requires viewing from a greater distance.  Sometimes it's a tiny charm, or an unusual quilting motif that my camera caught unintentionally when my eye was attracted to something else in close proximity. Either way, it's a nice little bonus : )

The full quilt


 close up of back

September 13, 2010

Sandy's Country Village

Don't you LOVE this quilt??  I do.   And I had a blast deciding how to quilt each area.  Sandy left it up to me, and that always makes it more fun for me.  I emailed her yesterday and asked if she wanted me to wait to post pics until after she saw it in person (tomorrow).  A girl after my own heart, she said no, post the pics.  I took so many pictures that I fell asleep last night in front of the computer while I was going through them LOL! I'm sharing 22 pics, so be prepared to spend a little time with Sandy's eye candy.  Clicking on each picture will let you see it more in detail.

The full quilt

Corner design from a ruler class with Handiquilter educator Debby Brown

Lots of different quilting for each row

The last row and the two borders

And some pics of the back

September 6, 2010

HQ24 Fusion

I thought you might like to see what all the fuss is about.  This is my month old HQ24 Fusion.   I love it even more than the HQ16 that I owned for over four years : )

September 5, 2010

Kathy's 3-D pinwheel quilt

A second baby quilt I just quilted for Kathy.  This is so cute for a baby.  And King Tut Cotton Candy thread by Superior Threads was just made for this quilt!  I ribbon meandered the border, looped the sashing and stippled the body of the quilt.

Full quilt
(the colors are more accurate in the closeup below)

Close up


Kathy's blue bear quilt

I just quilted this one for Kathy.  She doesn't think it really looks like a baby quilt, but I think the fabric choices make it perfect for a baby.  I don't know the name of the pattern, but Colleen, who works at Pieceful Quilting, told me she saw it done in reds and greens and it looked like stacked packages and trees.

Full quilt



Kathy's Trip Around the World

A small wallhanging, quilted with an all over freehand feather design. 



From the side


Kathy's Thimbleberries quilt

I quilted this for Kathy over two years ago.  Wow, how time flies!

Full quilt

Window box