September 18, 2010

Jane-Marie's "Granny's Choice"

This quilt belongs to Jane-Marie. I quilted it with the pantograph Splash by Willow Leaf Studio.  It's one I've had for a while but, at 15", it was too large to use on my HQ16.  But now that I have the HQ24 Fusion, it was a snap.

I ironed this top, loaded it on the frame, and quilted it. Yet I didn't notice that striking diagonal design until I took a picture at Pieceful Quilting when I dropped it off! 

That happens to me sometimes at quilt shows, too.  I take pictures of every quilt and then some detail shots.  Then I go back through the show to really examine the quilts and take more photos if something catches my eye.  Yet still, when I upload to my computer later, I'll see something that I didn't when I was at the show.  Sometimes it's a large design element that requires viewing from a greater distance.  Sometimes it's a tiny charm, or an unusual quilting motif that my camera caught unintentionally when my eye was attracted to something else in close proximity. Either way, it's a nice little bonus : )

The full quilt


 close up of back


  1. I didn't get to see it yesterday but the photo is super. I love that focus strip going down the diagonal...WOW! You know how I am about the stars!!! Great job once again. :)