June 28, 2014

Sheryl's Red and White Embroidered Quilt

Sheryl made this beautiful embroidered quilt!  I love embroidery, but thus far have resisted the urge to purchase a machine.  My longarm thread stash is large enough without adding embroidery thread!

These blocks are so adorable and setting them in red and white was the perfect choice.  Sheryl left the quilting designs up to me and I think she's happy with the result.  This is the first time I used Glide thread and I am sure I'll be using it again. 

I wish I had taken pictures of the back when I first took it off the frame instead of after it was folded to place in a bag to return to Sheryl.  She plans on entering it in next year's local quilt show, so I'll be able to get better pictures then.



  1. One can never have too much thread!

  2. Simply put... A M A Z I N G ! Both of you! I love this!

  3. Love the quilt...love the quilting! Oh...and we love the backing too, so much better than the 1st pick!! Lol