March 16, 2014

Angie's wedding quilt for her daughter

Angie made this gorgeous batik quilt for her daughter's wedding.  I love the color scheme, the block pattern, and IT'S BATIKS!

The curlicues in the thin border are freehand, but the Pro-Stitcher made those evenly 1/2" spaced parallel lines in the wider border a snap. 
I love feathers.  LOVE them.  I really would love to be able to do those fancy formal feathers, but I don't have the confidence yet to try them on a customer quilt.  And I was wary about doing these simpler feathers on a quilt as important as a wedding gift, but I must say, now that it has been a year since I've seen them, they look pretty darn good!
And pebbling in the corner pieces of each block.

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