July 28, 2013

"When Jordyn's Tired"

Hey, what do you know--one of mine!!  I started with a cute little cupcake print, since I knew a girl was on the way, and the Pure Baby Boy pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  I prefer the baby quilts I make to be larger than normal so they get used through the toddler years.  I think this one ended up 42" x 52".  I matched fabrics in my stash to the colors in the cupcake print and cut 2.5" strips.  I added an extra two columns of squares but left off the solid strip.  

Jordyn's father, Kyle, works with me at my day job where we sell greenhouse supplies.  So I knew I wanted a flower in there somewhere.  I'd also been admiring the quilting of modern quilter Angela Walters and prefer to try something new on my OWN quilts.  LOVE this combination spiral/pebble design.  I added the huge freehand flower on the right hand side.

Kyle is also a Nascar fan.  Please go down a few photos and click on the picture he had taken of his daughter--in a TIRE!  How cute is that?!?  So I printed the photo on fabric and appliqued it as the center of the flower.  And hence, the name of the quilt--"When Jordyn's Tired"!  LOL!

full quilt

close up 

another view

the flower before the photo was added

close up of the flower

Isn't this precious???? 

matching the squares on the front--2.5" strips for backing


  1. I love this quilt Deb!! Great patchwork & quilting.

  2. This quilt is just too cute for words! And you know how much I love that flower!!!