March 31, 2013

Claudia's "Starwatch in Rose"

"Starwatch in Rose" is the first top Claudia asked me to quilt.  Isn't this stunning?  The stack and whack stars, the lone star center, the double flanges, the mitered corners--all perfection.  I think this was about 6 years ago, right at the beginning of my longarming.  I would quilt this differently now, but I think Claudia was happy with it.

full quilt
 I stitched in the ditch following the print of the border fabric.

Again, in the ditch, plus long curls in the diamonds.

 Leaves in the blue and white borders

I guess I didn't ruin it--yes, that's a blue ribbon from the year she entered it in our guild quilt show!  Congratulations, Claudia!

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