August 21, 2012

Linda's quilt

I made this quilt for Linda to celebrate her passing the bar exam.  Linda is not only my youngest daughter's best friend, we also consider her a part of our family.  And just like her "sisters", she had to wait a long time to get a quilt LOL! 

I took the first picture below on New Year's Day, 2008.  While I'm happy to see that I was doing something I love to start the new year, I'm embarrassed that Linda just got the finished quilt this past Thanksgiving.  Really?  And I'm a longarmer?  Sigh.  It took so long that Linda asked me once if I'd hurry up and finish it before purple was no longer her favorite color LOL!!  I TOLD you she's part of the family!

I think the first photo below shows the correct colors.  At least I hope it does, because the others are a little drab, and Linda is NOT.  This is an Atkinson Design pattern called "Anything Goes", quilted with the pantograph Fantasia with a gorgeous purple variegated King Tut thread.  This one for Linda has scrap purples, but the black is a single fabric from the Dimples fabric line. 

I made one for myself in a black/brown/gold colorway, with all fat quarters.  Mine, however, is still just a top.  Maybe by 2015???


full quilt

close up

Doesn't the photo below look out of focus?  It's the backing fabric!  Look at the pic following it and you can see what it looks like a little closer.

close up of backing


  1. This is the most amazing quilt ever made, hands down. It's true that I harangued Deb at one point, but when I got my Quilt I felt so guilty for even thinking of rushing her. It is so amazing and it makes me feel loved each time I enjoy it. It was a beautiful and powerful gift. Thank you plus one million Deb :)