November 14, 2011

Ann's circle quilt

You know, once in a while someone will ask me which quilt I've made is my favorite.  Most often, the answer is the one I just finished or the one I'm working on now.  Our fabric tastes change with time, and the most recent quilt probably reflects my current loves the best.  My skills increase, and the most recent quilt is probably my best technical work.  Maybe I'm making a quilt for an upcoming wedding or birth, so the reason I'm making it is closest to my heart.

The same is true now that I'm a longarm quilter.  Most often the quilt I'm quilting at the moment is my favorite.  My technical skills increase with time and practice.  I become better at helping the piecer make the best choice for thread colors and quilting designs, often having to consider time and financial limitations.  Maybe I purchased a new pantograph or a new ruler that fascinates me.

I quilted this quilt over six months ago, and yet it was hard to narrow down the number of pictures I wanted to share  because I love it so.  In the near future, you will see pictures of the companion quilt.  I knew when I started this that there would be two similar quilts.  Both with the same fabrics and the same design.  One of them, Ann wanted quilted tightly, to be hung on the wall.  The other she wanted softer, to be used as a lap quilt.  

The left side of this sketch shows the vertical and hortizontal lines 1/2" apart, and pebbling between the outer edge of the petals and the ring surrounding them.  The right side shows the lines 1" apart and pebbling only in the centers of the flowers.

quilting diagram

full quilt

several detail shots



  1. It is person it is even better. I simply love this quilt!

  2. This might just be my favorite also Deb - stunning (the quilt and the quilting!!)

  3. Colleen and Sandy,
    Thank you! Your quilts are definitely in my top ten, and they'll be posted soon! (well, eventually LOL!)

  4. You are an artist Deb...its a beautiful quilt.