July 8, 2011

Patricia's Stars

This is the second top I quilted for Patricia.  The fabric choices really make this quilt.  It's quilted with the pantograph Simple Stars & Loops by Willow Leaf Studio.

full quilt

close up



  1. Do I have to comment on all of them? Why, YES I DO! Another super one! Man, just loving this batch of quilts. And I really like that star panto.

  2. LOL! I know Patricia will love reading how much you like her quilts. And you KNOW I love reading how much you like the quilting!

  3. The swirly-stars are awesome! Can you make the picture of the back clickable? I can't make it bigger.

  4. Anything for you, sweetie : )
    I don't know why it loaded differently than the others, but it should be fixed now.