August 17, 2010

Diane's green, yellow and white quilt

I hope if Diane reads this, she'll let me know what this pattern is called.  I know it's made with a specialty ruler, but I don't remember which one. 
I'm usually very critical of my work, but I must say, I'm very happy with how this one turned out.  I took longarm classes from Debby Brown (Handi Quilter: Educators / Debby) on feathers and ribbon candy.  I'm thankful to her for giving me the confidence to believe I could do it, and to Diane for allowing me to choose the quilting designs for her quilts.

The full quilt

starting out

from the side

the back


  1. Holy heck! That is an amazing quilt!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you! Fine praise, indeed, coming from you!

  3. fantastic quilting-I'm drooling.

  4. Thank you. I'm still very fearful of feathers, but I love them so much.