February 20, 2012

Sharon's "No Reason At All"

This quilt was made by my online group for Sharon, the only one of our group who had not received a collaborative quilt from us.  Except for the center, the blocks were to be made 12" finished and have mauve/periwinkle/black or some combination of those colors.  We do tend to stray LOL!  This is the second quilt done with my Pro-Stitcher, so I took this chance to practice.  I knew Sharon would appreciate it since she has her own HQ16!

full quilt


Beverly assembled the quilt.  Look at these perfectly mitered corners!  And I used the channel locks function of the Pro-Stitcher to make theses lines.  I think they were groups of three, 1/4" apart, then skip an inch for the next three.

I used my templates and ruler base for the flying geese, and all the white sashing has ribbon candy in it.

Freehand curls, ribbon candy and stippling in this block made by Pat H.

This was my block for Sharon with freehand swirls, and a couple birds quilted in the sky.

Elaine made this cat block.  I taught myself to use a motif and rotate it multiple times (with the help of some extremely explicit DVD's made by Handi-Quilter on using the Pro-Stitcher).

Here's the top row on the frame.

Maggie made this adorable hand embroidered basket block.  I rotated a corner design.  NOW I would be able to do a better job lining it up.  (Is there a chance she didn't notice that?  Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to point it out? LOL)

Pat S. made these four cats (Are you seeing a pattern here?  Yes, Sharon is a cat lover.)  I put ribbon meandering in the hearts and stippled the cats.

Anna made the center--that's a LOT of work!  I quilted the background and the cats in alternating horizontal and vertical lines, again using the channel lock function.

Bea made this block.  I used a block quilting pattern for this one.

Beverly not only assembled the quilt, she also made this block.

The second row on the frame.

The third row on the frame.

Helen made this star.  I quilted it with clamshells (which Sharon loves), and the DVD's helped me figure out how to offset the rows.

Janet hand appliqued this block.  I quilted curls in the background and tiny pebbles close to the outer edge to help the triangles stand out.

Carol paper pieced this beautiful block for Sharon.  Freehand vines, a flower in the center, and stitching in the ditch make up the quilting for this block.

The final row on the frame.

I took a microquilting class from Handi-Quilter educator Debby Brown right before I finished this quilt, so I made use of that in the center of the cat panel.

And now a few photos of the back.


  1. It's just beautiful. I know she loves it. What gorgeous quilting you did on it.

  2. Gorgeous quilt! You are an amazing quilter!

  3. Debby, such kind words coming from my favorite teacher--Thank you.

  4. Amazing quilt. I am sure that Sharon loves it. And your group of online friends are amazing people too!

  5. Yes, they are! If I ever get caught up on my posting, I'll share our other quilts.

  6. Wow Deb, that just might be the most amazing quilting I've ever seen!

  7. Thank you! (But I think you might need to get out more! LOL!)