February 14, 2012

Colleen's wedding quilt

Colleen made this beautiful quilt for her son's wedding.  It's her own design.  The fabric choices with the gold metallic accents help make this an elegant quilt and perfect to celebrate a marriage. 
And, it was the very first thing quilted with my Pro-Stitcher!  Yes, I got the Pro-Stitcher for my HQ Fusion!  All I have to say is-----Why did I wait so long??????? 

full quilt

This is my very first digitized design.  I thought the panel in the center of Colleen's quilt needed something in the air and I thought this stylized butterfly would be perfect.

Then I added more detail and found it not as pleasing.  I need more practice with the Art and Stitch software program that came with my Pro-Stitcher.

I purchased all four of the Pro-Stitcher DVD's from Handi Quilter and it was money well spent!  I tried to squeeze a few of the things I learned from them into this first quilt.  For the overlapping circles, I used the Pro-Stitcher to measure the space I needed to fit them in, figured out the size each needed to be, and then set up the machine to stitch perfect circles.  I used the same procedure to fit the spinning ribbons (can't think of the real name of the pattern) in another border and used the mirroring function to switch the direction for the other side of the quilt.

I used the channel lock function and the electronic measuring tools to stitch parallel lines in the wider black borders every 1/2 inch.  I fit the clam shell vairation into the space provided, offset the rows and cropped the pattern to fit.  And I learned all this from watching the DVD's!

I filled the white panels with a freehand stipple, the large floral panels with ruler work making diamonds, and freehand ribbon candy in the small black borders.  I knew the black patterned fabric would hide the imperfections of my fancier butterfly and used those panels to practice centering a motif.

I quilted the simpler butterfly in a circle, then resized it and quilted another.  I used a freehand stipple to showcase the butterflies.

I used circle templates to quilt the bottom portion of the center panel.

And now a few photos of the back


  1. ...and you did a fantastic job! We all love how this turned out...simply awesome! Thank you.

  2. I'm so glad you all like it : )

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