November 27, 2015

Charles' sailboat curtain

My manager at my day job acquired a sailboat last year, and the bathroom had no privacy.  He asked if I could make him a curtain.  So he went to my local quilt shop, Pieceful Quilting, where the manager helped him choose fabrics for the front and back and I stopped in later to pick them up.  But I couldn't just give him a plain curtain, could I?  Oh, nooooooo.  I had to glam it up a little bit.

The mermaid is from a Dover Book.  I fused her and then zigzagged it down with nylon thread (after all, it's just a curtain for a bathroom for a boat).  I satin stitched in lime green around the whole thing, hoping that it would help it stand out a little.  He was begging for it, and I gave it to him, but I wasn't happy.

So, last winter, when he took the boat out of the water, I asked him to return it to me.  I wasn't crazy enough to rip the stitches out to separate the front and back (after all, it's just a curtain for a bathroom for a boat), so I stitched a batik around her in a larger circle and used the blanket stitch to stitch that down.  It is FAR from my best work, but, this bears repeating, IT'S JUST A CURTAIN FOR A BATHROOM ON A BOAT! LOL!

First year
mermaid close ups

Second year

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