June 26, 2013

Sheryl H's Thimbleberries House and Garden 2007 Club Quilt

I have quilted several of these quilts and have never been able to get the full finished quilt in a picture.  Here is a picture which I believe was probably the pattern cover.  This was the Thimbleberries House and Garden 2007 Club Quilt.
Sheryl's is the only one I've quilted since I purchased the Pro-Stitcher.  It was easier to fill large designs.  It was fun to search for patterns that repeated a motif to use in different sections of the quilt.  And, unlike me, the Pro-Stitcher makes perfect feathers.  Every. Single. Time.
Below are pictures of freehand quilting, ruler work, and digitized designs using my HQ24 Fusion and Pro-Stitcher. 


and the back