September 19, 2012

Pieceful Quilting's Celebrate Earth

I apologize for interrupting this irregularly scheduled "blogcast", but I would hate for you to miss the opportunity to purchase this kit from Pieceful Quilting.  It's called Celebrate Earth.  I've seen this new fabric line featured in several different patterns in various magazines recently, but I don't think any of them showcase the essence of the fabric as well as this one. 
My personal opinion is that dark threads rarely look as good on light fabrics as light thread looks on dark fabric, so I usually choose a lighter thread when there are contrasting values in a quilt.  With this quilt, however, I chose a darker thread since the focus fabic in the large panel consists of graphic images.  I used the pantograph Ground Cover by Barbara Becker.  I love the texure the design gives the quilt.

full quilt
close up 
love the texture 

I ADORE this backing fabric!

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