January 20, 2012

Eastern Long Island Quilters Guild 2011 Quilt Show

Liz's quilt wasn't the only one to win a ribbon at the Eastern Long Island Quilters Guild 2011 quilt show in June.  Ann's French braid quilt and her circle quilt also got ribbons.  Heck, I even picked up a few of my own : ) 
This first quilt is the pattern "Neo Stella" from the book StrataVarious Quilts: 9 Fabulous Strip Quilts from Fat Quarters by Mary Hoover and Barbara Persing.  I made it in my favorite color combination.  It's also the one hanging behind me in My HQ Story video and now hangs on the wall at the end of my HQ Fusion.

Close up

This one is only 16" x 20" and I made it for a challenge with my online group.  It took every fiber of my being not to make that fish bright yellow.

The 30's quilt I quilted for the raffle

Liz's quilt

Ann's quilt

Ann's quilt (I guess I was too busy admiring it at the show--I don't have a photo of it hanging completed at the show with the ribbon)


  1. They were (and are) all magnificent!

  2. Hi. I just searched for "island quilt" and found your gorgeous "Neo Stella"! Love, love, love it!!!!