August 14, 2010

Diane's Embroidery quilt

This is Diane's embroidery quilt.  Several of the pieces are fabrics that get their design element from embroidery stitches instead of being printed with a pattern.  Add the fancy embroidery stiches on some seamlines and the quilting, and this quilt is full of texture.

The full quilt

A large stipple in the larger, lighter pieces

Ribbon candy in the unembroidered half of the overlapping star points

Meandering loops in the black background of the star points and loops forming a pattern in the sashing.  Please click on the photo to get a closer view of the texture in the terracotta colored pieces.  Amazing!

Smaller stipple in the center formed by the parallel embroidery stitches

Feathers in the purple batik

Beautiful backing fabric

Closer view

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